Sunday, January 19, 2014

skating skating skating // vlog style

growing up, i was a competitive figure skater. until i graduated high school, i spent most of my time at the rink, practicing jumps and spins and planning my dream of going to the olympics. my parents shuttled me to and from the arena, often before school (6 am), during school (i would leave early) and after school. i also took ballet a few times a week to supplement skating—which i ended up really loving. in elementary school, we spent most weekends in various small towns in Alberta so i could compete.

i love skating. the artistry, the physicality.. all of it. deep down (or maybe not so deep, depending on the day) i am a perfectionist, and being able to do something that felt 'just right' meant the world to me. as i got older, my dreams of professional figure skater turned more realistic. although i was still competing, the limits of where i could go in the sport became more apparent—and at the same time, i turned into a teenager. a teenager who still loved the sport but who wanted to socialize with friends, play in the school band, and have a job. i still 'did it all' though, up until i graduated high school.

as i grew up, my dreams changed. as much as i wanted to go to the olympics, that just wasn't realistic. i made plans for university and moving away from home. once i graduated from high school, i spent the summer skating (as usual) and once i moved away, i said goodbye to skating. my first summer off from university, i did a little bit of skating but when i found that i was no longer as good as i used to be, the perfectionist part of me felt like i didn't want to do it anymore. if i couldn't be the best, what was the point?

it's been a few years since then, and my views on skating are starting to change. i am starting to learn how much i wholeheartedly love the sport, and the respect i have towards it. the most skating i have done during my time in university has been sparse—on the rideau canal a few times, and maybe once in an arena. this new year, i resolved to go skating and to love the sport all over again. to do it for myself and to have fun. my former roommate (and childhood friend who i skated and went to school!) and i have gone the past few weeks to the public session the city of ottawa has that is considered 'drop-in figure skating'. it's been so fun!! i am clearly nowhere near as good as i once was, but i appreciate the fact that my body and muscles still remember how to do some of the turns and jumps and spins that i once did so effortlessly.

i am planning on continuing to go skating once a week. i hope that one i get back into it, some of the fear i have now of jumping (it hurts when you fall!) will go away and my muscles will get used to skating again. we took this video last week of us skating and i wanted to share it here with you.

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  1. How fun!!! I had no idea you skated competitively. I absolutely love to watch figure skating. To me it looks so hard and terrifying. Loved watching the video of you two!