Friday, January 3, 2014

some "resolutions"

each year i normally write a giant list of resolutions and goals that i would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. to follow my usual tradition, i wrote a list of goals for this year that i would love to make happen. most are ones that will end up happening anyway (graduating in april) and some are over-arching things for me that i have been working on for some time now.

one thing i am hoping to do in this new year is to purge my physical environment of things i don't need. this means re-vamping my space a bit, and getting rid of things i don't need. i have a lot of clothes i don't wear, a lot of bags i don't use, and a lot of things that i could stand to let go of. i am hoping that by clearing out some things, it will help with the feeling of a "fresh start" that i love so much each new year.

i purchased a lot of clothes this holiday season. my goal when i get back to ottawa is to get rid of a fair amount of clothes i don't wear. i have a drawer full of clothing i barely touch, yet continue to keep because i keep feeling like there will be an occasion to wear them. this has yet to happen, and i think it is time for me to just say goodbye to those pieces once and for all.

this holiday season i have spent most of my time with friends and family, and this means that i have pretty much eaten non-stop for the past three weeks. my body is definitely feeling it right now, and i am looking forward to getting back on track with my eating and since my jeans aren't fitting so great, it's good motivation to get my butt back to the yoga studio.

i turn 22 next week. looking at the number... it still looks so young. i definitely don't feel as young as that number looks, and am quite convinced i may be turning 80 this birthday. 80 in the best way though. the actual day of my birthday is looking like a full day of work and an overnight volunteer shift. maybe i can squeeze some yoga in too... it seems like a nice way to celebrate! i'm looking forward to it for sure.

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