Wednesday, February 5, 2014


on the weekends, my friends and i often meet up for breakfast. typically, we plan for around 9 o'clock, and end up going around 1130. we plan early to be ambitious, but end up being too tired to get up to go in the morning. 

we've deduced our breakfast meetings to this: somebody is always late, and somebody always brings a friend. 

a couple weekends ago, we had our biggest breakfast group yet—and this is what enfolded. say hello to 'THE BREAKFAST CLUB'. this first episode is starring peter, telling an unbelievable, yet believable anecdote about a ferret. 

thanks peter (and gang) for letting me film your lovely faces and posting it on the internet! 

stay tuned for future episodes! before they happen though... we need to go for breakfast.


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  2. Just kidding. It's so nice to hear your voice again and see your face. Thank you for sharing this, Gabriella.