Friday, August 29, 2014

return to calgary


i think it's safe to say that this space is updated pretty sporadically. the last few times i posted were videos that were taken during a pretty fun time in my life. it was the beginning of my last semester of undergrad! while there were lots of challenges during my last semester, i walked the stage in june! that felt fantastic. my hard work paid off. my degree is now hanging on the basement wall of my parents house. i spent the last few months working full-time at the boutique, and spending as much time as possible on the ottawa patios with friends.

at the end of july my dad flew back out to ottawa, and we packed up a rental car with all of my belongings. my life in an SUV. we took 4 days to drive from ottawa to calgary. it was a long drive (especially with small pets) but enjoyable. we listened to a lot of podcasts and chatted about life. since i got back, i've been slowly re-organizing my place in my parents house—my house once again. i started to get bored pretty quickly and started applying for jobs. within two weeks, i was employed. i didn't think it would happen that quickly! i was hoping to have a job for september first.

i started my job last week. it's challenging work, but is within my field. i can actually say that now. "my field". feels pretty weird saying that. it's weird not going back to school this fall, and even weirder to be working a full-time job that isn't retail. i am working strange hours and strange days, but it feels right. it's what i'm meant to be doing in this stage and season of my life.

being back home is an adjustment. there's no other way to say it. i feel like i've left a life behind and am starting anew. i'm hoping to have more to share soon on this blog, as well as the shared blog i write with my best friend. see ya next time!

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