Tuesday, January 19, 2016

life thoughts // an update

i was laying in bed watching some of my favourite youtubers, and i got the lust-filled feeling to want to wander and get lost and read books and escape into an imaginary place where i sit in coffee shops and read books and write and create. while that's not really my reality (it's january, i work two jobs, volunteer and go to school) it's fun to dream. i also feel like i'm a pretty lazy human, and i'm not going to lie: a lot of my down time is spent taking naps or passively watching tv. but this wandering wanderlust-y feeling inspired me to stop the youtube videos, and to write on this long lost space. oh, i'm also supposed to be doing schoolwork... oops.

i guess now is a good time to do write a little update. i have no idea if anybody actually ever reads this, but the first bit of news is that sam and i decided it was time to put with wanderlust to rest. if you're interested, you can click the link and read through our archives. the domain is still active for another year (oops, i didn't realize i had set up my credit card/account to auto renew) but we won't be posting. the other news is more gabi-related. i quit my job (kind of), got a new job (kind of), started volunteering (kind of) and am in school. does that make sense?

august 2014 i started working a really challenging but wonderful job, and the next month took on a part-time subbing job. january 2014, i turned 23, and decided i felt restless and was ready for graduate school. i was accepted! so, i gave up working full time, and now work an array of days at both jobs which makes up enough hours to support my shopping habits and various bills. i just finished my first semester of grad school, and am in the beginning weeks of the second. i'm still adjusting to the format of my program (blended learning, mostly online but in-person components) but i am loving the flexibility it allows me. i turned 24 a couple weeks ago, and started regular part-time hours at a junior high school working with kids with various mental health and behaviour struggles. i am also finishing up training for the crisis line here in calgary.

it's busy. i'm busy. i love it, but i really need to consider my priorities and get my head in the game. last week i started a 40 day yoga challenge (40 classes in 40 days) and fitting that in to my already hectic schedule has been a struggle but again... i need to get my head in the game. but for now... this reflect-y dreamy state i'm in is one to appreciate. lots of reflecting has happened lately, and i look back at my life in undergrad, in ottawa, and i feel that i can barely recognize myself. in the last year and a half of working and having an actual, real break from school, i've changed. i'm getting better. i feel older, and more in control of my life. not that i *didn't* before,  but... it's different. overall, i'm pretty excited about my future. i'm in school to become what i've always wanted to do. i'm working job(s) that i love. i'm getting back into a volunteer role that i loved. getting back into yoga. 2016 is going to be a good one. thanks for joining me on this ride.

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