Tuesday, December 13, 2016

december 2016

another semester has come and gone... i am 5 semesters (a year and a half) away from graduating from my masters. weirdest sentence i've ever typed cause that doesn't even feel like a real thing. i had a 'win' today cause i got a nearly perfect grade on a paper i thought i was going to fail. well maybe not fail but i thought i was going to receive feedback that it wasn't concise, etc. etc. etc. not true i guess, but .... yeah.

 i got my nose pierced a little while ago.

so i finally have a break. i should be working but instead i'm giving into staying up way too late, sleeping in, reading books, doing crafts and feeling sorta melancholic. the weather in calgary is complete and utter shit—i didn't even go to the post office (the only thing on my to-do list) because it was too cold to walk, and too much work to warm up my car... when it gets cold, i get lazy.

i dunno. i've been dealing with some shit. 2 months of shit. longstanding stuff, stuff that doesn't ever really go away but something i had a bit of a break from for a little while. add in a persistent headache for a few weeks... it gets tiring. add in a boring semester and a volunteer commitment, you have a pretty tired and bored gabi. i haven't worked much this semester, which is something i'm not really accustomed to. i have a very sporadic, work as i please job. i'm floating around my life right now and just... trying to figure stuff out.

i want to get back into writing. it's something i love, something i like to do, something i'm sometimes good at, but in a creative, artistic sort of way. i don't do that type of writing anymore. now i'm strictly a journal writer, document the time writer. maybe one day that'll be a book but as it stands i really doubt it. i don't know. i don't know what to write but i want and need to be writing. right now i also want and need to be sleeping but here we are.


ramble, ramble, ramble.

maybe i'll see you around.

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